These days, you only need to turn on your smartphone to be hit with the reality that we live in a noisy, fast-paced, digital world.

Distractions like emails, ads, and notifications persistently bombard us, occupying our time and headspace.

As a result, it can be difficult for us to consistently reach our audience,  engage them, and forge closer relationships.

But don’t despair.

The introduction of chat apps into the business world is fast-changing the way we interact with our customers.

And for the better.

In fact, Facebook reported that over 1 billion messages are sent by people to businesses yearly! Also, 53% of the people surveyed said they were more likely to shop at stores that use chat apps.

So, it’s no coincidence that people are beginning to expect more from their interactions with businesses and it also explains the popularity of technology like chatbots which allow for real-time communication.

Chat Apps work to give businesses like yours a fighting chance to win customers over even in competitive markets.

Pretty awesome, right?

So, without further ado let’s dive right into some of the awesome ways you can use chat apps to drive results for your business


Cash In on Customer Connections



With competition for people’s time being so fierce, it’s important to find innovative ways to efficiently communicate with your customers at scale.

This is where chat apps take center stage.

Using messaging apps to connect with your customers is a great way to stand out from the crowd and provide a memorable service.  Also, the informal nature of this communication channel means you’ll be able to view past chats to gather specific details, speak more casually, and respond quickly to queries.

These can all help to increase your prospects’ and customers’ familiarity and affinity with your brand which can give a healthy boost to your sales and revenue.

So, it should come as no surprise that messaging apps boast more impressive open and click-through rates (CTR) compared to their more-traditional counterparts – email and SMS. In fact, Olyo‘s research found that Facebook Messenger had a CTR 12x higher than email at 44% and a 98% open rate!

In short, chat apps bridge the gap between professional and personal interaction, allowing you to build genuine connections with your customers. This strengthens your image in your audience’s eyes which can only mean one thing…



Unforgettable Customer Service Around-the-Clock



The quick pace of life many consumers live has affected the response times and service levels they expect from businesses. Customers want things done – fast!

Consequently, the days of being able to offer customer service from just 9am -5pm, Monday – Saturday are vanishing rapidly. and most brands are very aware that they need to provide robust customer service to wedge themselves firmly in their customers’ doorway of approval.

The pressure is on.

But luckily, chat apps can help you offer around-the-clock customer support to knock the socks off your customers.

Ooh! and if you’re afraid that crank things up a few notches will scare customers away or put your company at risk of data protection lawsuits – don’t be!

Customers are becoming more and more comfortable with communicating with businesses via chat apps. So, implementing chatbots is more likely to be met with open arms than viewed as creepy – and there’s data to back this up. Studies conducted for Drift’s ‘The 2018 State of Chatbots Report’ found that 64% of people surveyed felt the 24-7 customer support provided by chatbots is its best feature.

Also, rather shockingly, a study conducted by FurstPerson revealed that over 77% of people will refrain from making a purchase if live chat isn’t available. Also, 1 in 5 shoppers surveyed admitted that they would stop using a product if they experienced slow response times.

Total this up and it’s easy to see why services like WhatsApp Business have given a red carpet welcome by businesses worldwide.

These companies take business-to-consumer messaging to new heights by facilitating the use of chatbots to scale customer service operations at a fraction of the cost of hiring human customer support agents.

In other words, chat apps can help your business shine by offering personalized customer experiences that meet your clients at their point of need and quickly addresses their issues.

For example, you can rely on chatbots to act as your customer experience mascots by having them handle important tasks like:

  • Answering, filtering, and escalating queries
  • Filling registration forms
  • Amending appointment details
  • Editing shipping addresses

All automated, of course.

It’s these types of value-adding services that allow you to make a great impression on your customers and ensure you’re the one they’ll be calling when they need something next time.

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Save Time +  Money + Willpower = Smiles All Round



Did you know that chatbots save businesses $20 million a year globally?

Yep. You read correctly – a whopping 20 MILLION!!

Also, forecasts by Juniper Research suggest that chatbots will create an average cost saving of $8 billion by 2022. Considering the relatively recent debut of chatbots – these are some impressive figures!

So, if one thing is clear, its that there are HUGE savings to be made when you add chatbots to your arsenal of tools and not just in the monetary sense but also in terms of business growth.

A great thing about chat apps is that they are very scalable. This means you can expand your customer service and marketing efforts without having to dedicate significant amounts of time and money – which is always a win!

For instance, a 2018 Venturebeat study conducted on Facebook uncovered that they have over 300,000 chatbots! Just imagine what their cost-saving figures look like!

And, to solidify the case for chatbots, even more, chatbots can make your business more efficient by releasing your customer support and marketing teams from conducting tedious, basic tasks and giving them a well -deserved rest.

This will free up their time to focus on their more important tasks like resolving escalated cases, reviewing customer service procedures, amending marketing strategy, conducting research and much more. This can do wonders for team morale and job satisfaction which can both positively impact your business.

But wait. There’s more!

Using messaging apps can be saving grace for your customers. They’ll no longer have to battle automated operators, endless ‘key in’ options, or long queues just to be told there are no advisors available to handle their query.

You can program a bot to quickly respond to queries to diffuse any brewing storms, answer questions, and escalate serious matters. So, it should come as no surprise that this benefit has been met with the approval of consumers. A 2018 research conducted by G2 revealed that chatbots boast a healthy 73% satisfaction rate when used by businesses to provide customer service.

So, clearly incorporating chat apps into your business strategy will enable you to show respect for your customers’ time whilst keeping your operations lean and flexible.


Now, with all the chat app options available, it may seem overwhelming.

But fear not!

Our Conversations [Early Access] product allows you to easily manage communications with your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Viber in a centralized location.

So, your business can harness the power of chat apps without overextending its resources.


Wrapping Up…

Let’s be honest – chatbots aren’t without flaws. They can be glitchy as well as intimidating and annoying to some.

But when it comes down to it, chat apps offer a quick and easy way to offer non-stop, outstanding customer service every single time.

And perhaps, more importantly, they allow you to build trust with your audience by showcasing your brand’s human side which is essential for building lasting connections with customers.

All of these chat app benefits combine to give your prospects and customers an exceptional customer experience which can do wonders for your bottom line.

Why not give them a try?

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