Sample Explainer Video Script for an Electronic Diary Company  


Sarah runs a busy illustration business. Her day is jam-packed with client meetings and juggling multiple projects.

She does her best to stay organised but then, one-day disaster strikes…

Just as Sarah arrives at a prospect’s office to discuss a lucrative contract, she realises she’s forgotten her diary containing sensitive client information – in a busy café.

This wouldn’t have been a problem if she had used Aleter’s cloud-based eNote.

Aleter’s real-time cloud syncing and remote deletion features would have kept Sarah’s work safe and ensured she could access her work in seconds.

Ateler’s eNote’s tracking software would have made it easier for her to locate her eNote and would have prevented her private project details from falling into the wrong hands.

The story would have ended happily ever after.

But Sarah chose a paper notebook.

Don’t suffer the same fate as Sarah. Protect your work, secure your business.

ALETER, protecting your work, remotely.