Today, you only need to turn on your smartphone to know we live in a noisy, fast-paced, digital world.

Distractions like emails, ads, and notifications persistently occupy our time and attention span.

As a result, it can be difficult for us to consistently reach our audience, capture their attention, and forge closer relationships with them.

But don’t despair.

The introduction of chat apps into the business world is fast changing the way we interact with our customers. And for the better.

So, it’s no coincidence that people are beginning to expect more interactions with businesses and in real time.

Actually, Facebook reported that over 1 billion messages are sent by people to businesses yearly! Also, 53% of the people surveyed said they were more likely to shop at stores that use chat apps.

Hence, what could be a nightmare situation, is in fact working to give business like yours a fighting chance to win your customers over in this increasingly competitive market.

Pretty awesome, right?

So, without further ado let’s dive right into why you should use them for conversations with customers…


Deeper Customer Connections = Deeper Business Pockets

With competition for people’s time being so fierce, brands must find innovative ways to efficiently communicate with their customers at scale.

Using messaging apps (previously reserved for personal conversations) to connect with your customers can help to increase their familiarity and affinity with your brand.

This is due to chat apps enabling both parties to view past chats, speak more informally, and respond quickly.

So, it’s no surprise that messaging apps boast more impressive open and click-through rates (CTR) compared to their more traditional counterparts – email and SMS.

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In fact, Olyo‘s research found that Facebook Messenger had a CTR 12x higher than email at 44% and a 98% open rate!

Chat apps bridge the gap between professional and personal interaction, allowing you to build deeper relationships with your clients. Your business can then create a sound strategy to nurture and capitalise on the relationships built to increase its sales, brand loyalty, and referrals.

In short, forging deeper connections with customer could leave your business with deeper pockets!

 Which leads me on to my next point…

Offer Unforgettable Customer Service Around the Clock

Customers’ fast-paced lifestyles have also affected the response times and service levels they expect from businesses.

Customers want things done – and fast! So, they’re becoming more comfortable with communicating with businesses via chat apps.

In fact, 1 in 5 shoppers surveyed admitted that they would stop using a product due to slow response times! And rather shockingly, a study conducted by FurstPerson revealed that over 77% of people will refrain from making a purchase if live chat isn’t available.

This is why services like WhatsApp Business have been welcomed with open arms by businesses worldwide.

It takes business-to-consumer messaging to new heights by allowing the use of chatbots to scale customer service operations.

So, if your eager to make your business stand out, using messaging apps is the way forward.

They’ll position your company to shine by offering a personalized customer service experience that meets your clients at their point of need and quickly addresses their issues.

For example, chatbots can act as your customer experience mascot, helping you to handle important tasks like:

  • Answer, filter, and escalate queries
  • Fill registration forms
  • Amend appointment details
  • Edit shipping addresses

This progressive technology allows businesses to have greater capacity and agility to offer automated, round-the-clock customer service.

And, it’s this type of value-adding service that allows you to make a great impression on your customers and make them more likely to continue doing business with you.

Save Those Precious Resources! Both of you!

A great thing about using chat apps is that they’re completely scalable.

So, you can expand your efforts without having to dedicate significant amounts of resources.

But you won’t be the only one that benefits.

Using messaging apps can also help your customers. They’ll no longer have to battle automated operators, endless ‘key in’ options, or long queues.

It’s a win-win situation!

Incorporating chat apps will enable you to show respect for your customers time whilst keeping your operations lean and flexible.

Now, with all the chat app options available, it may seem overwhelming.

But fear not!

Our Conversations [Early Access] product allows you to easily manage communications with your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Viber in a centralized location.

So, your business can harness the power of chat apps without overextending resources.

Wrapping Up…

Chat apps offer a quick and easy way to offer outstanding customer service in an efficient manner. They also allow you to build trust by showing your brand’s human side.

So, adopting chat apps can help your business establish more meaningful connections with your customers that can positively affect your bottom line.

Want to know more? Download Infobip’s FREE ‘Ultimate Guide to Messaging’ to uncover how customer messaging can revolutionize your business.

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